The Fabulous Life of….


Marie Longem

Origin: Norway

Birthday: June 16, 1992

Best known for her: her long legs

Lots of buzz about her: relationship with Belgium’s top ranked rider Gregory Wathelet

Where do you live now?
Belgium, close to Liege.

Where have you lived, places/stables?
I normally live just outside Oslo, Norway. I have my horses at Geir Gulliksen’s placeDSC_1993

What stable have you enjoyed the most?
Well I have not been to that many different places. I love the stable I have in Norway, it is new with everything you need for the horses. But I prefer the stable where I am now in Belgium, it is a very nice yard also with everything for the horses, but it is way closer to everything, especially the shows.

What horse show is your favorite?
Gucci Masters, not really for the competition in my case as I rode the 2*, but in general it is a super nice show and there are lots of fun classes to watch in the 5*.

What tour is your favorite?
The Sunshine Tour in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain!!

What labels do you wear when your competing?
I am sponsored by Kingsland, so I wear Kingsland from top to toe. I wear a Samshield helmet and Fili Fabbri boots.

What is your favorite breaches, favorite show shirts, favorite jacket, boots etc??
I love the Kingsland breeches, I have always used them. Showshirt will be the Kingsland ones with the two pearl buttons in the back of the neck. I always use the classic one colored navy Kingsland Show jacket. I wear Fili Fabbri boots.

What is your favorite car to drive?
I love to drive my dad’s Audi A8.

What is your Favorite restaurant?
That is hard to say, I love food, but I will have to say a sushi restaurant in Oslo called ALEX Sushi. They have the most amazing sushi!!

How does your week usually look?
At the moment I don’t have any obligations other than my horses, the plan is that I will start University next year.

What do you never leave the house without?
I never leave without my phone and my handbag.

What is your fashion staple- always have, or wear?
My Rita Shearling jacket by Acne. I dress casual in jeans normally. I wear Converses in summer and Uggs in the winter.

Best gift you ever received?
For my birthday this year I got a holiday in Florida, including a cruise in the Caribbean from my boyfriend, only him and me. We are leaving just after New Year’s, I can’t wait.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
Definitely Thailand, anywhere in Thailand is amazing.

You’ve competed in?
The European Championships for Junior and Young Riders for Norway. I rode for Norway in the Nations Cup competition at CSIO4* Copenhagen last year
What horse show will you next attend?
I am going 2* in Hengelo which will be my last show for the year.

What divisions will you be showing in?
I will be showing in the 2* Grand Prix and the young horse classes.


2 comments on “The Fabulous Life of….

  1. Ruby Dzidra says:

    I really enjoy these inside scopes on horseman from around the world. It is so interesting reading about their lives, preferences and experiences. It makes me think about my own life and aspirations. Would l love to hear more from riders in the international circuit.

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