Ludger Beerbaum and Chaman win the Private Banking Prix in Zurich…

Ludger & Chaman got to enjoy the Swiss National anthem instead of the German.... rather comical error!!

Ludger & Chaman got to enjoy the Swiss National anthem instead of the German…. rather comical error!!

Well another tough course set by Switzerland’s Rolf Ludi. Tough lines and very little room to breath, riders were again challenged by today’s course. A few more qualified through to the jump off then yesterday. Out of the 56 entries on the start list, ten comb combinations qualified for the jump off, including Olympic medalists Jeroen Dubbeldam, Marc Houtzager, Gerco Schroder and winner Ludger Beerbaum not to mention WEG notables Marcus Ehning and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.

Hendrik and Camilla

Hendrik and Camilla

The track was difficult with tight lines and challenging angles. The course’s difficulty meant a few strong combinations didn’t make it through such as Denis Lynch and All Star, Katharina Offel and Fidji Island, Kevin Staut and Cheyenne HDC, Christian Ahlmann and Asca Z, Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and Carusso la Silla as well as Hans-Dieter Dreher and his newly acquired Colore.

Nonetheless, a ten horse jump off would prove to be competitive enough to say the least and Dutch Silver medalist Marc Houtzager was the first to start things off with Sterrehof’s Opium. Marc and Opium were fast and clean, with a time of 38.26 seconds, which put the Dutch duo into the lead.

Switzerland’s Christina Liebherr was second but a disappointing 4 faults would keep one Swiss rider from winning. California-born German rider Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and the aptly named gelding Unbelievable. Unfortunately for Meredith, the German combo were just 0.02 seconds behind Marc’s time, putting them in second place with a time of 38.28. So close!!

Switzerland’s Werner Muff, leading rider for the show at the moment, was next to go. Hopes of a Swiss victory were evident as the crowd grew silent. Fashioning his armband, Werner had a frustrating 8 fault score and a time of 38.35 seconds. Another Swiss off the list.

Ukraine’s winner of the 2012 Global Champions Tour Finale in Abu Dhabi, Katharina Offel and Fidji Island, were next in the ring, sure to give Marc a run for his money. But alas, it was not to be, with a surprising 12 fault score.

Gerco and Seoul are reunited

Gerco and Seoul are reunited

Gerco Schroder and the newly named Seoul were next up with a good chance at matching his Dutch team mates time. It was interesting to see all of Gerco’s mounts with new names for the new year. Eurocommerce has now been omitted from the horses’ registered names. Gerco and Seoul beat Marc and Opium’s time with a fast and efficient round, stopping the clock at 37.77 seconds. Very well executed, but with Ludger, Luciana and Jeroen Dubbeldam to come, would it be enough?

Alas, it would not! Ludger was next up aboard his stunning bay stallion Chaman. Clearly fixated on a win, the four-time Olympic gold medalist made quick work of the jump off, crossing the finish line with a time of 36.55 seconds.

In typical Ludger fashion, the German combo looked to be in a strong place for the win.

A truly beautiful round by the leggy Brazilian beauty; Miss Luciana Diniz. Truly textbook but unfortunately not fast enough to match Ludger’s time. Luciana and Fit for Fun finished with a time of 39.82 seconds, putting her under Meredith, Marc and Gerco.

Second last to go was Olympic gold medalist Jeroen Dubbeldam aboard the feisty grey BMC Quality Time. Making the shortened track look easy, the Dutch combination finished smooth, perhaps too smooth, with a time of 37.97.

So all hopes were raised when Swiss beauty Alexandra Fricker came in to finish the class aboard Albfuehren’s Memphis. Alexandra has been serving up some strong rounds over the last two days and today was no exception. Clean and relatively fast, Alexandra and Memphis stopped the clock at 38.05 seconds, which would be good enough for 4th place.

The Swiss crowd cheered for Alexandra regardless and the young Swiss miss offered her mount a well-deserved pat for a job well done.

Congratulations to Ludger and Chaman for a great win! A great set up for tomorrow’s big day!!

Chaman attacked the tough course with ease!!

Chaman attacked the tough course with ease!!

LGT Private Banking Prix

1.50 FEI Art 238.2.2 (Zurich, Switzerland)

1. 37 Chaman Beerbaum, Ludger GER
B 14-j.H v.Baloubet du Rouet/M.v.I Love You/KWPN/MEX01925/B: Winter-Schulze, Made GER
2. 62 Seoul Schröder, Gerco NED
B 12-j.W v.Thunder van de Zuuthoeve/M.v.Lancer II/BWP/NED41598/B: Gevi Internatio NED
3. 55 Quality Time TN Dubbeldam, Jeroen NED
SCH 11-j.H v.Quantum/M.v.Cantus/HOLST/NED40905/B: H.J.Nijhof NED
4. 79 Albfuehren’s Memphis Fricker, Alexandra SUI
B 12-j.H v.Quinar/M.v.Carthago/HOLST/NED07642/B: Hofgut Albführen GmbH SUI
5. 58 Sterrehof’s Opium Houtzager, Marc NED
B 17-j.H v.Polydor/M.v.Bormio/WESTF/GER23567/B: Stoeterij Sterrehof B.V. NED
6. 45 Unbelievable Michaels-Beerbaum, Meredith GER
B 12-j.W v.Manhattan/M.v.Democraat/KWPN/GER42182/B: Windward Farm GER
7. 67 Fit for Fun Diniz, Luciana POR
F 9-j.S v.For Pleasure/M.v.Fabriano/HANN/103IB23/B: G.R.O.W. Horses & Jünger, Ral POR
8. 88 L B Con Grazia CH Liebherr, Christina SUI
B 10-j.S v.Con Spirito R/M.v.Karondo V. Schlösslihof/CH/102OR73/B: La Baumetta Sa SUI
9. 95 Landthago Muff, Werner SUI
SCH 10-j.W v.Landjunge/M.v.Carthago/HOLST/102QP50/B: Muff Werner SUI
10. 122 Fidji Island Offel, Katharina UKR
F 12-j.S v.For Feeling/M.v.Wanderer/HANN/GER44709/B: Llc Vian Group UKR
11. 30 Voila Smith, Robert GBR
B 11-j.S v.Calvados/M.v.Concorde/KWPN/102QD90/B: Robert Smith GBR
12. 44 Sabrina Ehning, Marcus GER
B 14-j.S v.Sandro Boy/M.v.Landadel/BAY/GER40673/B: Winley Farm Llc & Gölkel, Judi GER

Top Swiss riders honored in Zurich…

Congratulations Paul!!

Congratulations Paul!!

Werner Muff will attend Geneva with broken foot…

Swiss Olympian Werner Muff might have a slight limp for the next few weeks. The Swiss jockey, and member of the Swiss Olympic team this summer in London, broke his foot last week whilst training. The foot has been operated on but the famous 38 year old rider can not currently drive.

Nevertheless, Muff will be on the road again next week. “For me, the show of Geneva, which occurs from December 6 to 9, the most important game of the season. I would again be competitive, even though it is a bit of pain, “says the 38-year-old jumping through some Swiss media know.

Werner recently sold his Olympic horse Kiamon to the Frenchman Edouard de Rothschild but maintains a strong string at home with young horses as well as a few coming through the ranks.

We look forward to seeing Werner in Geneva and wish him the best of luck.

Changing hands…..

Well as you know, the world of show jumping does see horses change between riders and amongst owners. Top horses are bought and sold through out their international career, often depending on who can write the biggest cheque.

The world of show jumping is changing and we see top horses changing hands and representing a whole variety of countries and nationalities.Our sport is evolving and we are seeing new nations come up the ranks to challenge the tried and tested.

Now, there are some top horses that spend their entire career with the same rider. Such horses are Hickstead, Shutterfly, Peppermill, Goldfever, Berlin and Darco. Horses such as these, spent their entire career partnered with one rider; like Eric Lamaze, Meredith Michaels Beerbaum and Ludger Beerbaum.

However, there are other horses who find themselves representing different countries through out their career and may have the opportunity to unite with more then one top ranking rider. Such horses include Jubilee d’Ouilly, Baloubet, Silvana, Delphi, Wonderboy, Plot Blue, Copin, Simon, Utasha, Presley Boy, Berlin and Reveur.

Recently, we have seen some international horses change hands and make the move to a new stable.

Between May and September alone, we have seen a lot of changes…..

  1. Cortez… From Lisa de Ridder to Nicola Philippaerts
  2. Carlos… From Nicola Philippaerts to Emilie Martinsen
  3. Ideal de la Loge… From Roger Yves Bost to Olivier Robert
  4. Kiamon… From Werner Muff to Edouard de Rotschild
  5. Ferrari… From Steve Guerdat to an unknown Brazilian rider
  6. Carlina… From Pius Schwizer to Trevor Coyle
  7. Don VHP Z... From Louise Pavitt to Saer Coulter
  8. Contifex… From Denis Lynch to Ahmad Saber Hamcho
  9. Satisfaction… From Marco Kutscher to Emil Hallundbaek
  10. La Prestige… From Kevin Staut to Anna Julia Kontio
  11. Carinjo HDC … From Thomas Voss to Patrice Delaveau
  12. Quickdiamond… From Alexander Onischenko to Angela Augustsson
  13. Oh d’Eole… From Marc Bettinger to Michel Robert
  14. Hunter’s Scendix… From Eric Lamaze to a unknown rider
  15. Maestro de la Loge… From Penelope Leprevost to buyer in Qatar
  16. Cheyenne 111 Z… From Marlon Modolo Zanotelli to Kevin Staut
  17. Untouchable… From Daniel Deusser to Andreas Schou
  18. Titus… From Edwina Tops-Alexander to Guy Williams
  19. Spartacus … From Eric van der Vlueten to Marco Kutscher
  20. Nangaye de Kergane… From Kevin Staut to Luciana Diniz

Riders list for the Masters….

Teams for the BMO Nations Cup…

(subject to change)


  1. Eric Lamaze on Coriana van Klapsheut
  2. Ian Miller on Star power
  3. Mac Cone on Unanimous
  4. Tiffany Foster on Victor


  1. Leslie Howard with Lennox Lewis 2
  2. Brianne Goutal on Nice de Prissey
  3. Ashley Bond and Caddet 7
  4. Reed Kessler on Cylana


  1. Ludo Philipaerts on Denver
  2. Olivier Philiparts with Cabrio van de Heffinck
  3. Francois Mathy Jr. on d’Atlantique Royal
  4. Niels Bruynseels on Chili Pepper van de Helle


  1. Roger Yves-Bost with Nippon d’elle
  2. Olivier Robert on Olala de Buissy
  3. Simon Delestre riding Napoli du Ry
  4. Jerome Hurel with Ohm de Ponthual


  1. Christian Ahlmann with Taloubet
  2. Hans-Dieter Dreher with Magnus Romeo
  3. Daniel Deusser with Cornet d’Amour
  4. Phillip Weishaupt  with Catoki

Great Britain

  1. Scott Brash with Hello Sanctos
  2. Robert Whitaker with Catwalk IV
  3. Tina Fletcher and Hello Sailor
  4. Michael Whitaker and Viking V


  1. Shane Breen and Cos I Can
  2. Jennifer Crooks with SF Uryadi
  3. Andrew Bourns with Roundthorn Madios
  4. Shane Sweetnam with Diktator Van de Boslandhoeve


  1. Jur Vrieling and VDL bubalu
  2. Jeroen Dubbledam and BMC Utascha SFN
  3. Harrie Smolders and Exquis Walnut de Muze
  4. Leon Thijssen and Tyson


  1. Roland Grimm and Sethi de Laubert
  2. Christina Liebherr with L.B Callas Sitte Z
  3. Alexandra Fricker and Albfuehren’s Paille
  4. Werner Muff with Champ 174

Swiss Team named for London…..

Switzerland´s team for the 2012 Olympics in London has been named:

1. Steve Guerdat: with Nino des Buisssonnets, Nasa or Carpalo,
2. Clarissa Crotta: with West Side van Meerputhoeve
3. Werner Muff: with Kiamon
4. Pius Schwizer: with Carlina or Verdi
5. Paul Estermann: with Castlefield Eclipse as reserve rider

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