The LGT Private Banking Prix in Zurich…

Luciana and Fit for Fun made the 1.50 JO look like a walk in the park

Luciana and Fit for Fun made the 1.50 JO look like a walk in the park

Photos from La Coruna….

Spooner wins in La Coruna…


Yesterday was the first day of the five-star event at Casas Novas in La Coruna, Spain. The Master of Faster, Richard Spooner and his leading WBFSH mount Cristallo were the winning combination in the NH Hotels Trophy 1.50.

Richard didn’t surprise anyone when he clocked 40.90 seconds, pushing Dutchman Harrie Smolders on Exquis Powerfee to second with a time of 41.43. There were nine double clears including Olympic gold medalist Steve Guerdat riding Carpalo and Stephex Stables’ Eiken Sato riding Espyrante. The third fastest combination belonged to French veteran Michel Robert and striking grey stallion Nenuphar’Jac.

The Warsteiner Trophy went to the Ukraine’s Katharina Offel and Cathleen. It was a full class with over 60 riders and Katharina topped the very best of them with her bay mare Cathleen with the time of 56.28. Kathi was just fractions faster than Michel Robert on Catapulte and Eiken Sato on Viva.

Well done riders!!

The 2012 Global Champions Tour Season….

Well sure enough, Michael Whitaker managed to push Germany’s Christian Ahlmann out of third place. Michael was riding his young gelding Antello Z but the very experienced and world-famous British jockey managed to steer the young talent through two difficult rounds with only 1 time fault. Very impressive indeed!!

As we know Edwina is not only the winner of this season’s Global Champions Tour series but also the first rider in GCT history to win back-to-back let alone two GCT series’ overall. So Edwina and her lovely Cevo Itot du Chateau have written themselves into the GCT history books.

It’s a very cool ending to the GCT season. I bet Edwina never imagined when she met Jan for the first time 10 years ago that she would be making history today in the Global Champions Tour; a series her husband founded in 2006. This stuff is what fairy tales are made of!!

Rolf-Goran Bengtsson landed in second place overall after a 4 fault score in the first round. Casall la Silla jumped well and easy and just had an unlucky rail on the third to last fence.

It was a great evening in Abu Dhabi for the ladies with Katharina Offel winning the Gucci Grand Prix aboard her lovely Fidji Island. Gerco Schroder and Eurocommerce London just slightly slower then the Ukrainian combo to land in 2nd place. Great sport today in Abu Dhabi and a great Jump off. I am so happy to see Gerco and London in the final three. They have had such a frustrating couple months with all the legal dealings with Eurocommerce Holdings and they deserve a top podium placing. It is great to see Gerco and London hit the headlines for positive reasons.

The Netherland’s very own Harrie Smolders earned third place with Exquis Walnut de Muze. Harrie is also another one of the Netherland’s great equine ambassadors. Great jockey and all-round awesome guy!!

We’re so happy for all six of tonight’s top ranking riders. Everyone was all smiles and you couldn’t pick a nicer group of riders to stand on the podium.

Well done to Edwina, Rolf, Michael, Katharina, Gerco and Harrie for their wonderful results tonight in Abu Dhabi.


Who’s going to Vienna…

It’s the Vienna Equestrian Festival this weekend and plenty of notables will be in attendance. The Wiener Pferdefest will start on Thursday at the Vienna City Hall. Looking forward to checking out Vienna.

Amy Graham – Bella Baloubet
PATERSON, James ROBINSON – Lanosso | Queen Luca | Zippit

Bistan Stefanie – Giant Steps | Juvina | Love Dance
BRAND Nina – Calme P
Stefan Eder – Chilli van Dijk NRW | Concordija | PSG Petit Prince
ENGL BRECHT Roland – Betty Balou 4 | E & W Armani
EARLY MAN Thomas – The Sixth Sense
Juza Christian – Ladylike 25 | Never the Etisses
Julia Kayser – Sterrehof’s Cayetano Z | Sterrehof’s Waterloo
Köfler Dieter – Emir van het Moleneind | Glock `s Prince de Vaux
KOHL Lea Florentina – Commander 5
Konlechner Josef – Lance Missile
LEHNER Laura – Uster Heike van `
PUCK Gerfried – 11th and Bleeker | GLOCK’s Usrava | GLOCK’s Wibo B
RAISCH Matthias – Cliquot 2 | Ocelot de Maine | Zypria
Saurugg Markus – Texas I
SCHRANZ Christian – Lualdi | Quartz van de Nieuwmolen | Wega van de Padenborre
SIMON Hugo – CT | Violanta
STEINWANDTNER Dr. Franz – Cantara

DE GRANDE Jean Christophe – Dargentina of Bruyeres | Sacha van Pottelberg
MATHY Francois Jr. – D `Atlantique Royale | Opus | Polinska the Isles

TERCEIRA Jillian – Berna van Dien Westuur | K Club Lady | Lakvels

Alvaro Affonso de MIRANDA NETO – AD Asleigh choke Dan | AD Rahmannhofs Bogeno | QH Show Show
MOTTA RIBAS Carlos Eduardo – Ronaldo | Thilithya | Wilexo

Mallat Maiju – Armani the Gun CH | Gran Carthage | Urleven van de Helle

BOST Roger Yves – Castle Forbes Myrtille Palouis | Castle Forbes Vivaldo van het Costersveld | Nippon d’Elle
DELESTRE Simon – Cardero Champ Elysses Bois Margot | Valentino Velvet | Whisper Zimquest
DUGUET Romain – Le Prestige St Lois | Quorida de Treho | Ulena van Hof ter Naillen
Robert Michel – Catapulte | Nenuphar Jac | Oh d’Eole

UPRIGHT Pia Luise – Cassilia MCB | MCB Ulke | Venus
BRENNER Andreas – Last Minute | Showman | 33 Unesco
Hans Dieter Dreher – Constantin B | Menardiere master en | Magnus Romeo
Deusser Daniel –
Fundis Stefan – Lanox
KÜHNER Max – Clooney | Coeur de Lion | Rahmannhof’s Zwitser
Maximilian SCHMID – Asti Cinzano 8 | rocket Schorsch
Frederic Wömpner January – Donna Carrara | Lady Weingart

BRASH Scott – Bon Ami II | Hello Sanctos | Ursula XII
John Whitaker – Argento | Maximillian | Lord of Arabia
Robert Whitaker – Catwalk | USA Today | Waterstone

Shane Breen – Balloon | Cos I Can | Ominerale Courcelle
Denis LYNCH – Night Train | Coulisa | Contifex

BROTTO Fabio – New Zealand delle Roane | Quattrina R | R-Gitana
Turchetto Roberto – Baretto | Construtec Gold Edition | Dan 7 T

BRUGGINK Gert Jan – Andrea | Cash Junior | Primeval Dejavu
Houtzager Marc – Sterrehof’s opium | Sterrehof’s Tamino | Sterrehof’s Uppity
Gerco Schroder – Euro Commerce Callahan | Euro Commerce New Orleans | Zirikit
SMOLDERS Harrie -Emerald | Exquis Powerfee | Regina Z

Candín Andy – Caruso 394

MARINAS SOTO Antonio – Cash and Go | PDC Aladita | Valhalla

ESTERMANN Paul – Castlefield Eclipse | Lafayette III | Quinara 13
FUCHS Martin – Mighty de Riverland | Principal 12 | PSG Future
Steve Guerdat – Carpalo | chips VI | Sidney VIII
JUFER Alain – Aron 233 | van de Casha Kornelishoeve | Vennoot
Beat Mandli – Callisto II | Colore | Louis IV
Pius Schwizer – Cool Girl | powerplay | Rubina VIII
STRAUMANN Flaminia – Double O Seven

KARAEVLI Omer – Dadjak ter Puttenen | Rabane de Sury | Zyvola

Offel Katharina – Cathleen 28 | Eclips | Nifrane de Kreisker

Rider’s list for Lyon…


Entries Jumping International…

ARG Argentina
LAROCCA, José María Cornet du Lys, Hardrock Z, Royal Power
AUS Australia
TOPS-ALEXANDER, Edwina Cevo Itot du Château, Ego Van Orti, Mel d’Argences
AZE Azerbaijan
MC ENTEE, Patrick Calgary Mury Murais Z, Dollar du Mury Marais Z, Sherry Mury Marais Z Z
BEL Belgium
PHILIPPAERTS, Ludo Challenge vd Begijnakker, Kassini Jac, Zilverstar T
BRA Brazil
MIRANDA, Alvaro de AD Ashleigh Drossel Dan, AD Rahmannshof’s Bogeno, QH Show Show LF
PESSOA, Rodrigo HH Ashley, HH Let’s Fly, HH Palouchin
COL Colombia
LOPEZ, Rene Cannagan du Mont, Polissonne Des Neyes
ESP Spain
ALVAREZ MOYA, Sergio Abab van het Molenhof, Action-Breaker, Wisconsin
AÑON, Manuel Baldo DS, Fantasia, Rackel Chavannaise
CORDON, Pilar Lucrecia Dinky Toy, Nuage Bleu, Surefire
FIN Finland
MALLAT, Maiju Armani The Gun CH, Gran Carthago, Urleven van de Helle
FRA France
ANGOT, Eugenie Davendy S, Old Chap Tame, Orlando de Roy
BOST, Roger Yves Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, Castle Forbes Vivaldo van het, Nippon d’Elle
CHERONNET, Aldrick Barbarossa van Paemel, Cantis
COUPERIE, Edouard Nectar Des Roches, Quality II
DE PONNAT, Aymeric Armitages Boy, Onestar du Mesnil
DELAVEAU, Patrice Carinjo 9 H D C, Lacrimoso 3 Hdc, Ornella Mail
DELESTRE, Simon Napoli du Ry, Qlassic Bois Margot, Valentino Velvet
EPAILLARD, Julien Coq Rouge, Cristallo A, Monalisa Ls
GUILLON, Olivier Lord de Theize, Poete de Preuilly H D C
HÉCART, Michel Nokia de Brekka, Piman de la Deviniere, Quatrin de la Roque
HUREL, Jerome Ohm de Ponthual, Premier de Falaise, Zafir
LEPREVOST, Pénélope Mylord Carthago*HN, Nayana, Quelmec du Gery
ROBERT, Michel Catapulte, Nenuphar’Jac, Oh d’Eole
ROZIER, Philippe Balou’s Erbe, Dakar C, Jadis de Toscane
STAUT, Kevin Cheyenne 111 Z H D C, Reveur de Hurtebise H D C, Silvana Hdc
GBR Great Britain
BRASH, Scott Bon Ami, Hello Sanctos, Ursula Xii
MAHER, Ben Aristo Z, Tripple X III, Vadeline
WHITAKER, Michael GIG Amai, Ingliston Twister, Mcb Maya
GER Germany
AHLMANN, Christian Aragon, Codex One, Lorena
BEERBAUM, Ludger Chaman, Chiara, Gotha FRH
DEUSSER, Daniel Cornet d’Amour, Lilly Fee, Mouse
DREHER, Hans-Dieter Constantin B, Embassy II, Sanne R
KUTSCHER, Marco Cash, Cornet Obolensky, Cornet’s Cristallo
MICHAELS-BEERBAUM, Meredith Bella Donna 66, Cantano, Malou
GRE Greece
ONASSIS DE MIRANDA, Athina AD Crosshill, AD Quantina, AD Uceline
IRL Ireland
LYNCH, Denis Abbervail van het Dingeshof, Contifex, Night Train
O’CONNOR, Cian Blue Loyd 12, D’Avincis Pride, Vanhoeve
ITA Italy
GAUDIANO, Emanuele Admara 2, Chicago, Cocoshynsky
KSA Saudi Arabia
BAHAMDAN, Kamal Abdullah Cezanne, Delphi, Noblesse des Tess
MAR Morocco
OUADDAR, Abdelkebir Cordano Sitte Z, Kid de Baugy, Porche du Fruitier
NED Netherlands
HOUTZAGER, Marc Sterrehof’s Opium, Sterrehof’s Tamino, Sterrehof’s Uppity
SCHRÖDER, Gerco Eurocommerce Callahan, Eurocommerce London, Eurocommerce New Orleans
NOR Norway
MELAND, Ole Kristoffer Broker?s Brooklyn, Cc Top, Mira VIII
POR Portugal
DINIZ, Luciana Bluebuster, Lennox, Winningmood
SUI Switzerland
ESTERMANN, Paul Castlefield Eclipse, Maloubet du Temple, Quinara 13
GUERDAT, Steve Clair II, Jalisca Solier, Nino des Buissonnets
MÄNDLI, Beat Callisto, Colore, Louis 162
SCHWIZER, Pius Concilia, Ulysse, Verdi III
SWE Sweden
BARYARD-JOHNSSON, Malin Baltimore, H&M Actrice W, H&M Tornesch 1042
BENGTSSON, Rolf-Göran Camilo LS La Silla, Carusso LS La Silla, Casall La Silla
UKR Ukraine
OFFEL, Katharina Cathleen 28, Fidji Island, Olivia de Nantuel
USA United States of America
GOUTAL, Brianne Nice de Prissey, Uata, Wirma

This Week in Show Jumping….

Well another successful week in show jumping….

37th Annual Hampton Classic…

Back-to-back wins for Mclain Ward in the Hampton’s. Friday afternoon Ward rode Pjotter Van De Zonnehoeve to victory in the $50,000 Spy Coast Farm/Young Horse Show Series Grand Prix Qualifier, and he grabbed third place on Antares F. Saturday, Mclain won the $30,000 Pilatus Cup with Vocas. This was also his second consecutive victory in the Pilatus Cup and his third victory in the class in the last four years.

Kent Farrington won the $250,000 FTI Grand Prix At 37th Hampton Classic. Farrington was the first rider to go in the decisive $250,000 FTI Grand Prix Jump off at the 37th Annual Hampton Classic. Riding Voyeur, Farrington won $82,500 and just further consolidated his lead in the North American East Coast League of the FEI World Cup.

German Championship for Young Horses, Germany…

The Bundeschampionat, which took place in Warendorf this weekend was a great success for Henrik von Eckermann, who won the 5 year old Finals with Captain Sparrow (Cormint x Barnaul xx), while Toni Hassmann won the 6 year old Finals with Crespo PKZ (Cornet Obolensky x Landadel).

Gijon, Spain…

Ukraine won the FEI Nations Cup Promotional League 2012 title after finishing fourth in the Nations Cup in Gijon, Spain. Out in front going into this last leg, the team of Cassio Rivetti, Fereno Szentirmai, Bjorn Nagel and Katharina Offel pinned their close rivals from Denmark into runner-up spot on the series table, while Italy finished the season in third ahead of Spain in fourth.

France won the Nations Cup event in Gijon, with Penelope Leprevost (Mylord Carthago), Marie Hecart (Myself de Breve), Kevin Staut (Reveur de Hurtebise) and Aymeric de Ponnat (Armitages Boy).

Showpark, California….

Rusty Stewart and Bristol won Saturday’s $50,000 Showpark World Cup Grand Prix, presented by EQU Lifestyle Magazine. Ashlee Bond came in Second with her mare Wistful while Nick Gegen earned Third place with the Dutch gelding Sancerre.

Donbass Tour, Ukraine….

One of the biggest Grand Prix’s this week was the five star at the Donbass Tour in Ukraine, and it was won by William Funnel on Billy Congo. The British rider beat a field of thirty riders on his Vechta-stallion. William and Billy Congo just beat Max Kühner on Coeur de Lion (Coriano x Cassini I). Third place went to Edwina Tops-Alexander and her stallion Guccio (Quick Star x Cantus)

Ukraine wins FEI Promotional League 2012

Ukraine wins the 2012 FEI Nations Cup European Promotional League…

The Ukraine won the FEI Nations Cup European Promotional League 2012 title when finishing fourth at Gijon in Spain yesterday.  Out in front going into this last leg, the team of Cassio Rivetti, Fereno Szentirmai, Bjorn Nagel and Katharina Offel pinned their nearest rivals from Denmark into runner-up spot on the series table, while Italy finished the season in third ahead of Spain in fourth.

FEI Nations Cup European Promotional League 2012 – Final Standings after Gijon (ESP):

1.    Ukraine                –    34
2.    Denmark                –    30.5
3.    Italy                    –    29.5
4.    Spain                –    26.5
5.    Qatar                –    14.5
6.    Brazil                –    12.0
7.    Norway                –    7.5
8.    Austria                –    6
9.    Saudi Arabia            –    5.5
10.    Finland                –    3
11.    Austria                –    0
12.    Japan                –    0