Top Swiss riders honored in Zurich…

Congratulations Paul!!

Congratulations Paul!!

Who’s going to Verona, Italy…

ARG Argentina
LAROCCA, José María Cornet du Lys, Hardrock Z, Royal Power
AUS Australia
TOPS-ALEXANDER, Edwina Erenice Horta, Guccio, Mel d’Argences
BEL Belgium
DEMEERSMAN, Dirk Bufero van het Panishof, Cicero Z van Paemel, Esperanto van Paemel
LE JEUNE, Philippe Ballerina, Carlino Stx, Once de Kreisker
BRA Brazil
PESSOA, Rodrigo HH Ashley, HH Palouchin, HH Rebozo
ESP Spain
ALVAREZ MOYA, Sergio Action-Breaker, Sirius, Zipper
AÑON, Manuel Baldo DS, Fantasia, Rackel Chavannaise
CORDON, Pilar Lucrecia Dinky Toy, Nuage Bleu, Surefire
FIN Finland
KONTIO, Anna-Julia Cassano II, Lalik, Offenbach du Granit
FRA France
ANGOT, Eugenie Atlete van T Heike, Davendy S, Old Chap Tame
LEPREVOST, Pénélope Mylord Carthago*HN, Nice Stephanie, Quelmec du Gery
STAUT, Kevin Cheyenne 111 Z H D C, Reveur de Hurtebise H D C
GBR Great Britain
FUNNELL, William Beowulf, Billy Angelo, Billy Congo
MAHER, Ben Aristo Z, Tripple X III, Vadeline
WHITAKER, Michael Antello Z, GIG Amai
GER Germany
AHLMANN, Christian Aragon, Codex One, Taloubet Z
BEERBAUM, Ludger Chaman, Chiara, Gotha FRH
EHNING, Marcus Campbel, Copin van de Broy, Plot Blue
KUTSCHER, Marco Cash, Cornet’s Cristallo, Spartacus
MICHAELS-BEERBAUM, Meredith Bella Donna 66, Malou, Unbelievable
WEISHAUPT, Philipp Caresse, Catoki, Leoville
IRL Ireland
KÜRTEN, Jessica A.P.I. Largo, Oklahoma de Riverland, Vincente
MC AULEY, Mark Isco de Amoranda, Loriot, Par Trois
ITA Italy
ARIOLDI, Roberto Lagerfeld 19, utile, Viper
CHIAUDANI, Natale Almero 12, American Blu Van Eeklelchem, Quicka
COATA, Simone Cannavaro, Carthelot, Whycoconah Ter Linden
GARCIA, Juan Carlos Bonzai van de Warande, Paulin, Prince de la mare
GAUDIANO, Emanuele Chicago, Cocoshynsky, Uppercut DS
GOVONI, Gianni Dynamite vt Hazelarenhoekje, W Delta mossel Jantje, Winn Winn
MARZIANI, Luca caribo z, Nontender, WIVINA
MONETA, Luca Maria Connery, Jesus de la Commune, neptune brecourt
VIZZINI, Lucia Lismeen Lancer, Loro piana quinta roo, Romie
ZORZI, Alberto Carlotta, New remake de servery
NED Netherlands
DUBBELDAM, Jeroen BMC Quality Time TN, BMC Utascha Sfn, BMC van Grunsven Whisper
VRIELING, Jur Km Wish, Sissi van Schuttershof, VDL Bubalu
NOR Norway
RAAHOLT, Line Blue Thunder, Diablo
POR Portugal
DINIZ, Luciana Bluebuster, Nangaye de Kergane, Winningmood
SUI Switzerland
CROTTA, Clarissa Bwg Carolien, Cassinja, West Side V.Meerputhoeve
LIEBHERR, Christina L B Virility, L.B. Callas Sitte Z, L.B. Con Grazia CH
SPRUNGER, Janika Electra van’t Roosakker, JL’s Komparse, Palloubet D Halong
SWE Sweden
BARYARD-JOHNSSON, Malin Baltimore, H&M Actrice W, H&M Tornesch 1042
VON ECKERMANN, Henrik Allerdings, Gut Neuenhofs Bacarole, Quibell 5
USA United States of America
SPOONER, Richard Apache, Billy Bianca, Cristallo

Who won this weekend…

Ludger Beerbaum and his great stallion Chaman added another win to the list, and took home the 6th leg of the DKB Riders Tour in Hannover on Sunday. Twelve riders made it into the jump-off, and Ludger was just slightly faster than the Brazilian born Cassio Rivetti on Lord if de Chalusse 3 who rides for the Ukraine. Clarissa Crotta, feeling good after her excellent result in Rio, ended up in third with her long-time partner West Side v. Meerputh.

Portugal’s Luciana Diniz and Bluebuster landed in 5th place while one of my favorites, Michael Whitaker ended up 6th riding his Zangerseide stallion Antello Z.

Speaking of DKB Riders Tour, Luciana Diniz has taken over the lead after the sixth leg at the German Classics in Hannover this weekend. Ludger Beerbaum climbed up to 2nd place and Katrin Eckermann, who was leading before Hannover, fell down to 3rd place. Only one show remains in the DKB Riders Tour, and that takes place in Munich the coming weekend.

The two star Grand Prix in Strazeele went to Gregory Wathelet aboard his lovely Baloudana. The Belgian rider was one of six double clears in the class. In second place followed British rider Louise Saywelle on Winner with the time of 32.30, while Belgian rider Francois Brichart was third on Azimut Chavannais Z.

The two star Grand Prix in Genk, Belgium went to Joy Lammers (NED) and T Sellie. In second was Belgian rider Guido Hornesch riding Concorde followed swiftly by Mike Busschops aboard Covia Z. It was a full class with the likes of Stephex stables’ Eiken Sato (JAP), Farid Ladjouan (HAI), Ashford Farms’ Marlon Zanotelli (BRA), GBK Horses’ Pilar Cordon (ESP), Neil Jones Equestrian’s Lorenzo de Luca (ITA) and Olympians Kamal Bahamdan (KSA), Jos Lansink (BEL), Dirk Demeersman (BEL) and James Paterson-Robinson (AUS) also in attendance.

Where is everyone going this week…

Well another week has come to an end, the horses are back in the stables and the rider’s are tending to their duties at home before they make plans for yet another show this weekend. So where is everyone going you might ask? Well, Hannover is set to start in Germany this weekend. In addition, just around the corner, a smaller 2-star show will take place in Genk, Belgium where some riders are electing to attend something a bit closer to home. Such riders include Spain’s Pilar Cordon and Belgian Olympians Dirk Demeersman and Jos Lansink as well as this year’s Belgian Champion Jerome Guery.

In addition, across the Atlantic, Washington International horse show will be host to some very notable riders. London Olympian’s Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Reed Kessler, and Charlie Jayne will be in attendance. Canadian Olympian (and past President’s Cup Grand Prix winner) Jill Henselwood will be here, as well as top Irish rider Shane Sweetnam, twin brothers Nicola and Olivier Philippaerts of Belgium, and U.S. show jumper Kirsten Coe are just a few of the competitors to watch for.

Kent Farrington, who is leading in the World Cup rankings on the East Coast at the moment, Laura Kraut, Lauren Hough, Rolex one-to-watch Brianne Goutal, Margie Engle, Richie Moloney, Katie Prudent, Christine McCrea, Jessica Springsteen, Matt Williams, Nick Della Joio, Marie Hecart, Emilie Martinsen and Tim Gredley are all in Washington this week to battle it out for the show’s best.

Rider’s list for Hannover…

  • Christian Ahlmann GER
  • Angelica Augustsson SWE
  • Ludger Beerbaum GER
  • Roger-Yves Bost FRA
  • Clarissa Crotta SUI
  • Daniel Deusser GER
  • Luciana Diniz POR
  • Henrik von Eckermann SWE
  • Sören Pedersen DEN
  • Cassio Rivetti UKR
  • Gerco Schröder NED
  • Pius Schwizer SUI
  • Gregory Wathelet BEL
  • Philipp Weishaupt GER
  • Marcus Ehning GER
  • Bliss Heers USA
  • Marc Houtzager NED
  • Marco Kutscher GER
  • Penelope Leprevost FRA
  • Douglas Lindelöw SWE
  • Denis Lynch IRL
  • Judy-Ann Melchior BEL
  • Janne-Friederike Meyer

The €1 Million Oi Grand Prix in Rio…

1. Nino des Buissonnets Guerdat, Steve SUI 330,000 EUR 0 pen 33.23
bay 11y.G /Kannan (NL)/Narcos II/SF/FRA45550/ Schwarzenbach Urs E. jump off
2. Cevo Itot du Chateau Tops-Alexander, Edwina AUS 200,000 EUR 0 pen 35.16
chest 16y.G /Le Tot de Semilly/Galoubet A/SF/FRA10184/ E Alexander & Stal Tops jump off
3. West Side V Meerputhoeve Crotta, Clarissa SUI 150,000 EUR 0 pen 36.76
chest 13y.G /Baloubet du Rouet/Apollonios/BWP/BEL11524/ Stamm + Co AG + Zanotelli jump off
4. Lord de Theize Guillon, Olivier FRA 100,000 EUR retired
bay 13y.G /Donald Rouge II/Tolbiac des Halles/SF/FRA13395/ Edith Mezard jump off
5. G I G Amai Whitaker, Michael GBR 60,000 EUR 2 pen 80.02
bay 12y.G /Nonstop/Bacara/BWP/BEL40831/ Mr M Whitaker & Mrs B Mertens round 2
6. Noltes Küchengirl Ehning, Marcus GER 45,000 EUR 4 pen 68.96
bay 15y.M /Lord Z/Cambridge Cole/BAVAR/GER24879/ Echo Büromöbel Vertriebs GmbH & round 2
7. Sterrehof’s Tamino Houtzager, Marc NED 30,000 EUR 4 pen 72.73
bay 12y.G /Numero Uno/Farmer/KWPN/NED40078/ Stoeterij Sterrehof B.V. round 2
8. Taloubet Z Ahlmann, Christian GER 25,000 EUR 4 pen 73.35
bay 12y.S /Galoubet A S.F./Polydor/KWPN/BEL41874/ Melchior, L.N. & Judy Ann & Ahl round 2
9. Embassy II Dreher, Hans-Dieter GER 20,000 EUR 4 pen 74.59
bay 11y.S /Escudo I/Silvio I/HANN/GER45772/ Galmbacher Spz round 2
10. Palloubet D Halong Sprunger, Janika SUI 20,000 EUR 4 pen 74.95
chest 9y.G /Baloubet du Rouet/Muguet du Manoir/SF/102MY18/ Kähny Georg round 2
11. Valentino Velvet Delestre, Simon FRA 10,000 EUR 4 pen 75.52
bay 10y.S /Indoctro/Burggraaf/KWPN/BEL42253/ M. Benoit Zimmermann – M.Et Mme Rég round 2
12. Big Star Skelton, Nick GBR 10,000 EUR 4 pen 75.96
bay 9y.S /Quick Star/Nimmerdor/KWPN/NED41843/ Mrs B Widdowson round 2
13. Eurocommerce London Schröder, Gerco NED 7,500 EUR 5 pen 73.71
chest 10y.S /Nabab de Reve/Chin Chin/BWP/BEL40955/ Silest B.V. round 2
14. Ornella Mail HDC Delaveau, Patrice FRA 7,500 EUR 8 pen 69.70
bay 10y.M /Lando/Alligator Fontaine/SF/102QE65/ Haras des Coudrettes et Mme Emman round 2
15. AD Rahmannshof’s Bogeno de Miranda, Alvaro BRA 7,500 EUR 8 pen 73.91
bay 12y.G /Baloubet du Rouet/Elanville/SBS/GER40570/ A.De Miranda & Victory Eques round 2
16. Edesa S Banjan Zanotelli, Marlon BRA 7,500 EUR 8 pen 73.92
bay 11y.S /Toulon/Lys de Darmen/BWP/102PP72/ Edesa Horse Promotion Inc round 2
17. Allerdings von Eckermann, Henrik SWE 7,500 EUR 12 pen 71.61
chest 12y.G /Arpeggio/Diamantino/WESTF/GER42559/ Hans Günter Winkler/Henrik von E round 2
18. Verdi III Schwizer, Pius SUI 7,500 EUR 12 pen 76.78
bay 10y.G /Hors la Loi II/Cantus/KWPN/SUI40903/ Sigrist Murphy Andrea + Murphy Ke round 2

Swiss Team named for London…..

Switzerland´s team for the 2012 Olympics in London has been named:

1. Steve Guerdat: with Nino des Buisssonnets, Nasa or Carpalo,
2. Clarissa Crotta: with West Side van Meerputhoeve
3. Werner Muff: with Kiamon
4. Pius Schwizer: with Carlina or Verdi
5. Paul Estermann: with Castlefield Eclipse as reserve rider

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