What you didn’t know about Longines…

Kate Winslet for Longines

Kate Winslet for Longines

Promoted by Kate Winslet and India’s international beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Longines has been based at Saint-Imier (SUI) since 1832. Its watchmaking expertise reflects a strong devotion to tradition, elegance and performance. It has generations of experience as the official timekeeper at world championships and as a partner of international sports federations.

Longines has established a network of links with the world of sport timekeeping which has enabled it to offer its skilled services to various prestigious sports during the 20th century. Today, it follows its vocation in the field of sports timing, namely in gymnastics, archery, alpine skiing, equestrian sports and at the French Open at Roland-Garros.

Longines’ passion for equestrian sports began in 1878, when a timepiece was made with a horse and jockey engraved on the watch face. Over the years, the brand has built strong and long-lasting links with equestrian sports. In 1926, for the first time, the brand was involved as timekeeper for the Official International Equestrian Competition of Geneva. Today, Longines’ involvement in equestrianism includes Jumping, Endurance and racing.

Longines is a member of The Swatch Group S.A., the world’s leading manufacturer of horological products. With an excellent reputation for creating refined timepieces, the brand, whose emblem is the winged hourglass, has outlets in over 130 countries.

Cloning gains more traction as Hugo Simon’s famous E.T dies…

Gem Twist Olympic games Seoul

Gem Twist was successfully cloned by Team Murka. Gem Twist seen here with Greg Best at the 1988 Seoul Olympic games for Team USA

With the recent death of Hugo Simon’s beloved E.T., who was put down this week at Hugo and Margit Simon’s private stable, the topic of cloning once again resurfaces. As our sport bids farewell to another true talent and remarkable animal, we can’t help but think about the successful method of cloning. E.T. who developed a strong name with Austria’s very own Hugo Simon, won a long list of competitions, including two World Cups, and the number one title on the Rolex World rankings for 3 years in a row.

E.T. was a modern horse; light, rapid and nimble. Unfortunately, as this type of horse was not the standard in the Hanover region 20 years ago, he was gelded at three years old, before anyone could foresee his exceptional qualities and he is not the only one who would fall victim to the same fate.

Hugo Simon's E.T. died this week at the age of 25 years old

Hugo Simon’s E.T. died this week at the age of 25 years old

We are now comfortably into the 21st century and with that comes a myriad of modern innovations and scientific breakthroughs that have even trickled into our sport. The issue of cloning is certainly one that has gained plenty of attention and a rather healthy amount of controversy as well.

Despite chapters of controversy and plenty of ethical debate, it seems that some members of our sports international community have embraced cloning happily with plenty to show for it. Cloning has allowed for the resurrection of deceased superstars and the recreation of gelded bloodlines.

2012 alone has shown to be a rather busy year for the French Institution Cryozootech, who stands at the center of sport horse cloning. The French institution was founded in 2001 by Eric Palmer together with 15 private shareholders. Enfer Technology, an Irish biotechnology company, has provided Cryozootech S.A. with financial support, which has allowed the french institution to expand with partnerships with foreign laboratories; CIZ in Italy, Tamu and Viagen in the United States.

In September 2003, Hugo Simon and Eric Palmer decided together that E.T. should have offspring. A skin biopsy was carried out on E.T. who, at the time, was still participating in international competitions. E.T.’s cloning process was started in collaboration with Texas University, who had already contributed to the production of Quidam de Revel’s clone.

E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion was born on June 2nd, 2006 and like E.T., he had a stripe and two socks on his hind legs but the fine and side ways stripe on his nose was very different from E.T.’s blaze. On the other hand, the DNA test carried out by the official laboratory Labogena showed the same identical genetic content; they were genetically identical.

E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion was registered in the Belgium studbook of Zangersheide, which was founded by Leon Melchior. In 2001, Melchior showed his support for horse cloning, and confirmed it later by registering the first two clones produced by Cryozootech: Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion and Paris-Texas, Quidam de Revel’s clone.

Even before his birth, many international breeders participated in the project by contributing to a syndicate of 200 shares to own and manage E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion.

It was not until June of last year, that the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), gave the go ahead for clones and their progeny to compete at a professional level. A decision that came about from consistent and growing pressures for the involvement of sport horse clones.

Scientists in Italy cloned a horse for the first time in 2003; a mare named Prometea. Now there are more than 100 cloned horses worldwide. The first foals from cloned showjumpers ET and Gem Twist were born early last year.

Quidam de Revel is also a member of the exclusive list that has been cloned for his breeding and talent

Quidam de Revel is also a member of the exclusive list that has been cloned for his breeding and talent

In the Polo world, clones have already been permitted and for some time now, changing hands for huge amounts of money. A clone of Cuartetera, a top polo mare, fetched $800,000 (£490,000) at an international auction in Buenos Aires in 2010.

However, many of the biggest names in showjumping remain reticent with only two major breeding registers, Studbook Zangersheide and the Anglo European Studbook, accepting clones onto their books.

Cryozootech have successfully cloned foals from top ranking international superstars such as Pierez, Quidam de Revel, E.T., Poetin, Chellano, Gem Twist, Calvaro V, Levisto, Ratina, Air Jordan, Grande Dame, Top Gun, Chellano Z and Calvaro.

Julia Harrison Lee became the first in Britain to successfully clone her international show jumping gelding Romulus 16, who was short listed for the British Olympic team in 2000.

Tom Reed, breeding director of the Warmblood Studbook of Ireland, told the British Telegraph that “We will never accept clones and their descendants, irrespective of what the FEI and other stud books do. We should be breeding horses and not manufacturing them in laboratories.”

Director Reed asked the Telegraph, “do we really want to see a World Championship where the entrants are half a dozen clones of an Olympic gold-medallist and a couple of clones of a previous world champion?”

This year both Levisto Z and his clone Levisto Alpha Z will be used for breeding at Zangersheide. Levisto Alpha Z is now four years old and was approved for the Studbook Zangersheide in September. Levisto Alpha Z is not the only clone that will be breeding at Zangersheide this year, the four year old Chellano Alpha Z, a clone of Chellano Z, will also be available.

In addition, Zandor Z was also cloned in 2011 with great success. The now 23 year old stallion was part of a very successful partnership with Belgium’s Olympian and World Champion Jos Lansink. The young Zandor Z clone, was born on the 26 of November 2011 was also made possible with the help of Eric Palmer’s Cryozootech. Zandor Z resides at Zangersheide Stud in Lanaken, Belgium.

Daniel Deusser Air Jordan

Daniel Deusser’s Air Jordan has also been successfully cloned

Team Murka was delighted to announce in 2012 the successful cloning of Olympic medal-winning show jumper Gem Twist and the addition of the colt, Murka’s Gem, to collection of talent. Team Murk worked with Cryozootech as well as the Chapot family to ensure the birth of Murka’s Gem.

Gem Twist was one of the most successful show jumping horses of all time. Owned and bred by Frank Chapot, the Thoroughbred gelding competed for the United States of America with Greg Best, Leslie Howard as well as Frank and Mary Chapot’s daughter, Laura Chapot. He was born in 1979 and died in 2006. During his career, the grey gelding won team and individual silver under Greg Best at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, was named American Grand Prix Association Horse of the Year three times over and was named “World’s Best Horse” at the 1990 Stockholm World Equestrian Games.

After Gem Twist’s death in 2006, Cryozootech began work on producing his first clone on behalf of the Chapot family. Success was achieved in 2008 when “Gemini” was foaled. The colt foal followed his genetic donor’s growth pattern, starting off chestnut in color before turning grey. Since then a second successful clone of Gem Twist, Murka’s Gem has been born, in 2011, and, like his predecessor, he displays the same developmental traits and patterns.

“Other champion horses are also available in Cryozootech’s bank, ready for cloning. So it is not necessary to be the owner of the champion horse to possess his clone. One just has to consult the catalogue of Cryozootech cell bank” said owner and founder, Eric Palmer.

Now a yearling, Murka’s Gem was being stabled in the United States, but now in the new year Team Murka intends to fly the potential superstar to Great Britain to stand at stud.

Last year the clone of the legendary Quidam de Revel started breeding in Belgium under the name Quidam de Revel II Z (CL). The stallion is owned by Flemming Velin from Denmark, but will be standing at stud at Stal de Muze. This is the stud of Joris De Brabander in Sint-Niklaas who also has a son and a grandson by Quidam de Revel; Nabab de Reve and Vigo dÁrsouilles.

Quidam de Revel II Z (CL) was born in 2005 and is the first horse of our sport that was successfully cloned. The original Quidam de Revel was very successful both as a international showjumper and as a breeding stallion. Quidam de Revel is now 30 years old and stands as one of the most influential breeding stallions of modern showjumping.

So does Tom Reed have a point? Should the international riding community be allowed to recreate the splitting genetic image of a past and proven superstar with the increased chances of success? How would everyone feel if the 2024 Olympic Games held a Gem Twist clone and a Quidam de Revel clone on the start list?

The 2013 Winter Equestrian Festival will not be affected by lawsuit in Wellington…



Michael Stone, President of Equestrian Sport Productions that runs the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida, has asked for clarification regarding the recent legal action taken within the Palm Beach community.

Michael Stone wishes to clarify there is no possibility of the 2013 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival being cancelled. The referenced law suit concerns the Dressage show grounds and will not affect the activities or successful commencement of the 2013 Winter Equestrian Festival, set to begin on January 9th.

We also wish to clarify that the lawsuit is specifically led by Charles and Kimberley Jacobs. There are members of the Jacob’s family who attend and support the Winter Equestrian Festival and are in no way part of this specific lawsuit.

A new Nations Cup for all Nations…

So as you may very well know, we have a new Nations Cup format, but what does it mean?

The previous format has been done away with and we look to a new structure for 2013. This is rather crucial because the FEI Nations Cup has always been an important route for many countries to qualify for European and World Championships.

The Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup will be a knock-out competition that splits nations into six regions.

Instead of final placings being decided on by points accumulated through the series, teams will attempt to qualify for a new 18-team Final next year, the venue for which is still to be decided.

The wording of the rules was still to be released.

British chef d’equipe Rob Hoekstra said, “I am not sure what they (the FEI) have decided, but the European federations, the top shows and chefs d’equipe put a proposal to them (before the General Assembly) and told them it was the only one we were going to go with.”

“The idea of a competition with a final is a good one, but they needed to assure us that there was sufficient money and that the existing Nations Cup venues would be able to take part.”

The FEI has announced that the eight top league venues from the 2012 series, including Hickstead and Dublin, will each host a leg. Teams must compete at their nations of origin plus five other shows over the season.

But as Hickstead’s Lizzie Bunn explained there is still “fine tuning” in progress, especially regarding how the series will be funded and the concept of wild cards and invitations.

“We will have the eight European ‘super league’ shows, but European countries only need to compete at six. We have asked if we can use the two spare slots to invite two more teams (for example Brazil, Canada or the USA),” said Ms Bunn.

The country of Saudi Arabia; a well-funded and expanding equestrian nation who claimed Olympic Team bronze at Greenwich this summer, elected to take over the funding of the 2012 competition after the loss of sponsorship from the owners of Dubai racecourse, Meydan, in 2010.

This meant the FEI sponsored the series itself in 2011. The Saudis promised to extend their funding in return for a more inclusive format.

European nations will now compete in two separate leagues and teams may be promoted to or demoted from the top league, depending on their results through out the season. This is similar to the original format.

Nine European teams, plus two additional teams from North and Central America; South America; the Middle East; and Asia, and one from Africa will take part in the Final.

This makes a possible 19 teams to participate, as the host of the final automatically qualifies.

Many people, including Mr Hoekstra feels that 19 teams is too many. “That number is fine for an Olympic Games, but only so many championships of that size should take place, otherwise they lose their cachet,” he said.

Who’s going to Verona, Italy…

ARG Argentina
LAROCCA, José María Cornet du Lys, Hardrock Z, Royal Power
AUS Australia
TOPS-ALEXANDER, Edwina Erenice Horta, Guccio, Mel d’Argences
BEL Belgium
DEMEERSMAN, Dirk Bufero van het Panishof, Cicero Z van Paemel, Esperanto van Paemel
LE JEUNE, Philippe Ballerina, Carlino Stx, Once de Kreisker
BRA Brazil
PESSOA, Rodrigo HH Ashley, HH Palouchin, HH Rebozo
ESP Spain
ALVAREZ MOYA, Sergio Action-Breaker, Sirius, Zipper
AÑON, Manuel Baldo DS, Fantasia, Rackel Chavannaise
CORDON, Pilar Lucrecia Dinky Toy, Nuage Bleu, Surefire
FIN Finland
KONTIO, Anna-Julia Cassano II, Lalik, Offenbach du Granit
FRA France
ANGOT, Eugenie Atlete van T Heike, Davendy S, Old Chap Tame
LEPREVOST, Pénélope Mylord Carthago*HN, Nice Stephanie, Quelmec du Gery
STAUT, Kevin Cheyenne 111 Z H D C, Reveur de Hurtebise H D C
GBR Great Britain
FUNNELL, William Beowulf, Billy Angelo, Billy Congo
MAHER, Ben Aristo Z, Tripple X III, Vadeline
WHITAKER, Michael Antello Z, GIG Amai
GER Germany
AHLMANN, Christian Aragon, Codex One, Taloubet Z
BEERBAUM, Ludger Chaman, Chiara, Gotha FRH
EHNING, Marcus Campbel, Copin van de Broy, Plot Blue
KUTSCHER, Marco Cash, Cornet’s Cristallo, Spartacus
MICHAELS-BEERBAUM, Meredith Bella Donna 66, Malou, Unbelievable
WEISHAUPT, Philipp Caresse, Catoki, Leoville
IRL Ireland
KÜRTEN, Jessica A.P.I. Largo, Oklahoma de Riverland, Vincente
MC AULEY, Mark Isco de Amoranda, Loriot, Par Trois
ITA Italy
ARIOLDI, Roberto Lagerfeld 19, utile, Viper
CHIAUDANI, Natale Almero 12, American Blu Van Eeklelchem, Quicka
COATA, Simone Cannavaro, Carthelot, Whycoconah Ter Linden
GARCIA, Juan Carlos Bonzai van de Warande, Paulin, Prince de la mare
GAUDIANO, Emanuele Chicago, Cocoshynsky, Uppercut DS
GOVONI, Gianni Dynamite vt Hazelarenhoekje, W Delta mossel Jantje, Winn Winn
MARZIANI, Luca caribo z, Nontender, WIVINA
MONETA, Luca Maria Connery, Jesus de la Commune, neptune brecourt
VIZZINI, Lucia Lismeen Lancer, Loro piana quinta roo, Romie
ZORZI, Alberto Carlotta, New remake de servery
NED Netherlands
DUBBELDAM, Jeroen BMC Quality Time TN, BMC Utascha Sfn, BMC van Grunsven Whisper
VRIELING, Jur Km Wish, Sissi van Schuttershof, VDL Bubalu
NOR Norway
RAAHOLT, Line Blue Thunder, Diablo
POR Portugal
DINIZ, Luciana Bluebuster, Nangaye de Kergane, Winningmood
SUI Switzerland
CROTTA, Clarissa Bwg Carolien, Cassinja, West Side V.Meerputhoeve
LIEBHERR, Christina L B Virility, L.B. Callas Sitte Z, L.B. Con Grazia CH
SPRUNGER, Janika Electra van’t Roosakker, JL’s Komparse, Palloubet D Halong
SWE Sweden
BARYARD-JOHNSSON, Malin Baltimore, H&M Actrice W, H&M Tornesch 1042
VON ECKERMANN, Henrik Allerdings, Gut Neuenhofs Bacarole, Quibell 5
USA United States of America
SPOONER, Richard Apache, Billy Bianca, Cristallo

Who’s going to Vienna…

It’s the Vienna Equestrian Festival this weekend and plenty of notables will be in attendance. The Wiener Pferdefest will start on Thursday at the Vienna City Hall. Looking forward to checking out Vienna.

Amy Graham – Bella Baloubet
PATERSON, James ROBINSON – Lanosso | Queen Luca | Zippit

Bistan Stefanie – Giant Steps | Juvina | Love Dance
BRAND Nina – Calme P
Stefan Eder – Chilli van Dijk NRW | Concordija | PSG Petit Prince
ENGL BRECHT Roland – Betty Balou 4 | E & W Armani
EARLY MAN Thomas – The Sixth Sense
Juza Christian – Ladylike 25 | Never the Etisses
Julia Kayser – Sterrehof’s Cayetano Z | Sterrehof’s Waterloo
Köfler Dieter – Emir van het Moleneind | Glock `s Prince de Vaux
KOHL Lea Florentina – Commander 5
Konlechner Josef – Lance Missile
LEHNER Laura – Uster Heike van `
PUCK Gerfried – 11th and Bleeker | GLOCK’s Usrava | GLOCK’s Wibo B
RAISCH Matthias – Cliquot 2 | Ocelot de Maine | Zypria
Saurugg Markus – Texas I
SCHRANZ Christian – Lualdi | Quartz van de Nieuwmolen | Wega van de Padenborre
SIMON Hugo – CT | Violanta
STEINWANDTNER Dr. Franz – Cantara

DE GRANDE Jean Christophe – Dargentina of Bruyeres | Sacha van Pottelberg
MATHY Francois Jr. – D `Atlantique Royale | Opus | Polinska the Isles

TERCEIRA Jillian – Berna van Dien Westuur | K Club Lady | Lakvels

Alvaro Affonso de MIRANDA NETO – AD Asleigh choke Dan | AD Rahmannhofs Bogeno | QH Show Show
MOTTA RIBAS Carlos Eduardo – Ronaldo | Thilithya | Wilexo

Mallat Maiju – Armani the Gun CH | Gran Carthage | Urleven van de Helle

BOST Roger Yves – Castle Forbes Myrtille Palouis | Castle Forbes Vivaldo van het Costersveld | Nippon d’Elle
DELESTRE Simon – Cardero Champ Elysses Bois Margot | Valentino Velvet | Whisper Zimquest
DUGUET Romain – Le Prestige St Lois | Quorida de Treho | Ulena van Hof ter Naillen
Robert Michel – Catapulte | Nenuphar Jac | Oh d’Eole

UPRIGHT Pia Luise – Cassilia MCB | MCB Ulke | Venus
BRENNER Andreas – Last Minute | Showman | 33 Unesco
Hans Dieter Dreher – Constantin B | Menardiere master en | Magnus Romeo
Deusser Daniel –
Fundis Stefan – Lanox
KÜHNER Max – Clooney | Coeur de Lion | Rahmannhof’s Zwitser
Maximilian SCHMID – Asti Cinzano 8 | rocket Schorsch
Frederic Wömpner January – Donna Carrara | Lady Weingart

BRASH Scott – Bon Ami II | Hello Sanctos | Ursula XII
John Whitaker – Argento | Maximillian | Lord of Arabia
Robert Whitaker – Catwalk | USA Today | Waterstone

Shane Breen – Balloon | Cos I Can | Ominerale Courcelle
Denis LYNCH – Night Train | Coulisa | Contifex

BROTTO Fabio – New Zealand delle Roane | Quattrina R | R-Gitana
Turchetto Roberto – Baretto | Construtec Gold Edition | Dan 7 T

BRUGGINK Gert Jan – Andrea | Cash Junior | Primeval Dejavu
Houtzager Marc – Sterrehof’s opium | Sterrehof’s Tamino | Sterrehof’s Uppity
Gerco Schroder – Euro Commerce Callahan | Euro Commerce New Orleans | Zirikit
SMOLDERS Harrie -Emerald | Exquis Powerfee | Regina Z

Candín Andy – Caruso 394

MARINAS SOTO Antonio – Cash and Go | PDC Aladita | Valhalla

ESTERMANN Paul – Castlefield Eclipse | Lafayette III | Quinara 13
FUCHS Martin – Mighty de Riverland | Principal 12 | PSG Future
Steve Guerdat – Carpalo | chips VI | Sidney VIII
JUFER Alain – Aron 233 | van de Casha Kornelishoeve | Vennoot
Beat Mandli – Callisto II | Colore | Louis IV
Pius Schwizer – Cool Girl | powerplay | Rubina VIII
STRAUMANN Flaminia – Double O Seven

KARAEVLI Omer – Dadjak ter Puttenen | Rabane de Sury | Zyvola

Offel Katharina – Cathleen 28 | Eclips | Nifrane de Kreisker

What it takes to get to the Top…

So we know that men dominate the industry on an international scale, but do we know which type of horses do? Also, have you ever wondered what the average age of the top international horses are? Or perhaps who is the exception?

For instance, this summer when you looked behind the Olympic podium, did you wonder how many of the horses were stallions, for example, or mares? In fact, it was predominantly Geldings that stood behind the podium, with only one mare amongst the group of 12 horses.

We partake in the only sport that allows men and women to compete against one another on equal terms. However, who ends up underneath the top ranking riders? Who are the horses underneath all the men and women that compete against one another on the international stage?

Looking at the WBFSH, it is rather interesting to observe the break-down…

When you look at the top fifty horses ranked in the world, Richard Spooner’s 14 year old Holsteiner Gelding Cristallo is the leading horses amongst them all by a strong margin of 55 points.

Cristallo leads head of Nick Skelton’s Dutch bred stallion Big Star, who at 9 years of age was the youngest horse in both the top ranked individual and team finals.

Interestingly enough, the top ten horses ranked on the WBFSH list are all ridden by men.

Beezie Madden is the first female rider whose horse, Simon, appears on the list in the number 12 spot.

So lets review the facts shall we….

  • Observing the best horses in the world, only nine female jockey’s come up on the list. 18% of the horses ranked top in the world are ridden by women, comparing to 82% of these horses being ridden by men.
  • The Dutch dominate the breed margins with 26% of the horses registered as KWPN
  • Following substantially behind but equal in second place is the Selle Francais (SF) bloodlines and Belgian Warmblood (BWP) bloodlines at 14% of the top fifty internationally ranked horses
  • In third place, the Holsteiner bloodlines make it with 12% followed by a composition of other bloodlines such as Oldenburg, Irish Sport horse,  and Anglo-European Studbook make up the remaining 34%
  • The average age of the top 50 internationally ranked horses on the WBFSH is 12 years old (born year 2000)
  • The oldest horses in the top fifty are Edwina Tops-Alexander’s Itot du Chateau and Rich Feller’s Flexible at the tender age of 16 years old
  • The youngest horses to make the top ranks are Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum’s Bella Donna 66 and Eric Lamaze’s Derly Chin de Muze at 9 years old.
  • All four of these horses attended the Olympic games; Itot du Chateau who finished 20th individually, Flexible who finished 8th, Bella Donna 66 who finished 23rd and Derly Chin de Muze who finished 26th overall.
  • Speaking of the Olympics; interestingly enough, the Team final statistics mirror the Individual final statistics.
  • Of the top 16 horses both in Mondays final and Wednesdays final; 31% were Stallions, 19% were Mares and a whopping 50% were Geldings
  • The average age of the horses in the Team final was 10.5 years old, with the youngest horse being Nick Skelton’s 9 year old Stallion Big Star
  • The average age of the horses in the Individual final was 11.5 years old, with Big Star once again standing as the youngest horse to rank in the top 16 while Rich Feller’s Irish stallion Flexible was the eldest at 16 years old

So what can we draw from these facts? Well firstly, it is clear despite some feelings regarding stallions, that Geldings dominate even the top rankings. One could propose, it is clearly evident that a horse does not need an extra dose of testosterone in order to successfully compete at the top International level. 44% of the horses ranked in the WBFSH top 50 are Geldings and 50% of the final sixteen both in the Team final and the Individual final at this year’s Olympic games in London were Geldings.

Secondly, registered Dutch horses dominate the breeding of the top ranked by a considerable margin. However, French bloodlines showed significant strength at the Olympic Games through such horses as Nino des Buissonnets and Nobless des Tess.

Thirdly, male domination wills out. Both as ranked riders and ranked horses, male jockeys flood the statistics with 82% of horses ranked within the top 50 being ridden by men.

Fourthly, the average age of the top ranked international horses is 12 years old. However, the average age for horses both in the Team and Individual Finals at the Olympic games was younger.

Rather interesting, wouldn’t you say!! I wonder what the statistics will be like at this season’s World Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’ll have to wait and see…

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Kent leads on the East Coast…

FEI World Cup Jumping Standings…

North America East Coast League


So with the 2012/2013 World Cup League already underway in North America, we can have a look at how everyone is doing across the Atlantic. It might give us a good idea of who we can expect to see next April in Gothenburg, Sweden. 32 year old Kent Farrington is ahead of the pack with a significant lead over Beezie Madden. Ireland’s Shane Sweetnam barely holds on to Third place, with Reed and McLain situated close behind.


Next on the calender for all things ‘World Cup’ on the East Coast is Lexington CSI4*-W which starts Oct.31st…


  1. Kent FARRINGTON (USA) -77 points
  2. Elizabeth MADDEN (USA)- 48 points
  3. Shane SWEETNAM (IRL)- 41 points
  4. Reed KESSLER (USA)- 40 points
  5. Mclain WARD (USA)- 36 points
  6. Peter LEONE (USA)
  7. Nicholas DELLO JOIO (USA)
  8. Eric LAMAZE (CAN)
  9. Nicole SIMPSON (USA)
  10. Jonathan MCCREA (USA)
  12. Darragh KERINS (IRL)
  14. Ljubov KOCHETOVA (RUS)
  16. Leslie BURR-HOWARD (USA)
  17. Tiffany FOSTER (CAN)
  18. Quentin JUDGE (USA)
  19. Richie MOLONEY (IRL)
  20. Jeffery WELLES (USA)
  21. Charlie JAYNE (USA)
  22. Candice S KING (USA)
  23. Kirsten COE (USA)
  24. Molly ASHE (USA)
  25. Christine TRIBBLE MC CREA (USA)



New horse for Scott Brash…

26 year old Scott Brash debuted his new ride, Hello Ursula, this evening in Norway at the Kingsland Oslo Horse Show. Hello Ursula is owned by Lord Harris and Lord Kirkham; who also own Scott’s Olympic Gold medal mount, Hello Sanctos. Ursula was previously ridden by Tina Fletcher. Lord Harris says the ride was given to Scottish-native in order to boost his string. Tina has another Harris-Kirkham horse residing in her stables; Hello Annie, who came second in the Foxhunter at Horse of the Year Show in Birmingham last week.

Hello Ursula, originally Ursula XII, was competing with Tina this autumn in Calgary for the Spruce Meadows Masters. Ursula was Tina’s mount for the BMO Nations Cup. No doubt, the 11 year old Scottish bred mare will do very well under the young Olympian. I look forward to catching her this weekend in Oslo.

A bit about Scott…

When did he start riding? Scott was only 7 years old when his father bought a pony for him and his sister. This inspired him to start competing at the tender age of 10 in his native Scotland.

What was his most memorable moment this year? Winning the team gold medal at the Olympic Games in London this summer.

Most influential person? Scott admits it is difficult to name one very influential person in his career, because there are so many riders he looks up to for different reasons.

The Scotsman’s motto… Never give up.

Best horse in his career? Hello Sanctos, his Team Gold Medal horse at the London Olympics.

Memorable achievements… Winning gold at the Olympics in London, winning the World Cup in Florida and Toronto, the Aga Khan in Dublin, Jumping double-clear in Rome and St. Gallen Super League, competing at WEG in Kentucky and winning at Olympia, HOYS and Foxhunter Young horses HOYS.