About me…

Well, I moved to Brussels October 2011 and have enjoyed a great first experience here in Europe. I am from Canada and have trained with such trainers as Bobbie Reber and Chris Pratt. I came over to Europe because I wanted to come to the birthplace of our sport. The place where it all began and still begins. Europe is the epicenter of show jumping and I hope to understand more about our sport by being here and learning from some of the best.

I currently ride with Marc Van Dijck; acclaimed Belgium rider, previous top 20 Rolex ranked rider and winner of such accolades as 2001 Nations Cup at Aachen (with Ludo Philippaerts and Jos Lansink).

I have met some amazing people so far and I am enjoying meeting more people every day. My goal is to capture a bit of the essence of the community of show jumping. To bring a perspective that others can enjoy and to contribute to bringing the world of of this unique sport just a little bit closer together.

From: Vancouver, Canada

Born: December 26, 1986

Based in: Brussels, Belgium

Favorite spot in Belgium: Antwerp (the shopping is great!!!)

Never leave the house without: my iPhone and my Nikon D700

Always bring to a show: A scarf and Hunter rain boots… you never know!

Favorite designers: Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney… best clothes for horse shows!

Always love to talk to: John Whitaker; he has the best stories.

Favorite riders this year:  Reed Kessler, Scott Brash and Steve Guerdat… obviously!!!

Favorite horses this year: Big Star ridden by Nick Skelton; that stallion is just class, class, class!! Noblesse des Tess owned and ridden by Kamal Bahamdan. That mare is the definition of amazing!

Favorite horse show this year: Dublin Horse Show

Looking forward to: Wellington, Florida

Favorite photographers: Annie Leibovitz and Mario Sorrenti

Favorite moment this year: Watching Great Britain win Olympic Team Gold in London; I almost cried I was so happy for those guys. That was an outstanding day! I was so lucky to be there.

Best party this year: Mechelen Horse Show in Belgium (starts on Boxing day; my Birthday!)

Always fly with: an Oversized scarf, Ugg boots and a good book

What are you reading right now: The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

When I go home, I always: Grab a Starbucks and either hit the mountain or head to Spruce

One comment on “About me…

  1. Perusing your site, I came across your piece on Gucci. Really nice. You might be interested in a new clothing line started by my wife and her best friend. It’s right up your alley. We are looking for exposure in Europe, as it has been tremendously successful in the US. If you are inclined, please visit the site. Pardon the mess, as we are reconstructing to make room for the entire line set to debut soon. Also, the FB page has plenty to see. I’d be interested in your feedback and if you want, I would send you samples, as well. Thanks for the time and good luck!


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