Marcus Ehning wins the Rolex Grand Prix in Zurich….

Marcus and Kuchengirl

Marcus and Kuchengirl

Well done Marcus!! So perhaps the Swiss crowd was a bit disappointed that their home rider, Jane Richard Philips, didn’t win on Swiss soil, but let’s be honest, we’re always happy when Marcus wins.

It was a steady class, with 41 entries. California’s very own Richard Spooner started things off with the World’s number one ranking WBSFH horse, the lovely Cristallo. The first clear came from Oslo World Cup winner, Jeroen Dubbeldam, and the vivacious BMC Quality Time. The next would come from Switzerland’s very own Paul Estermann and the lovely Castlefield Eclipse.

Jane and Pablo

Jane and Pablo

The crowd roared for it was guaranteed that at least one Swiss rider would jump off for the Rolex title. The happy Swiss crowd were overjoyed to see Jane Richard Philips, another Swiss rider, qualify through to the jump off aboard Pablo de Virton. A very exciting accomplishment for the Swiss miss, currently ranked 148th in the world.

Many of you might remember Jane from the 2010 FEI World Cup finals in Geneva where Jane finished 4th in the last Qualifier with Zekina Z. So naturally, this 29 year old Swiss jockey doesn’t mind battling it out with the best.

Some hopeful combinations came through such as Katharina Offel and Fidji Island as well as Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum with Bella Donna and last weekend’s World Cup winner, Christian Ahlmann, and his bay stallion Codex One, but it seemed the wide blue oxer and the Rolex triple combination would ask too much for many.

Britain’s speed demon, Laura Renwick, was next to go clear with the feisty Oz de Breve. Once the British-born blonde ensured her place in the jump-off, we knew it was sure to be interesting.

Sergio and Carlo

Sergio and Carlo

Penelope Leprevost attempted a clear round with her big grey stallion Mylord Carthago, but alas it was not to be. Following France’s leading lady however, came Sergio Alvarez Moya and Carlo 273. Now this combination is one of my favorites of the season and I think a serious contender for the title in Gothenburg. Carlo and Sergio have come together so beautifully and I was sure they would qualify for the jump off.

Sure enough, my faith was well rewarded and Sergio and Carlo’s clear round numbered the 4th combination to battle it out. Following Sergio, previous World number one, Rolf attempted a clear round, Silver medalist Marc Houtzager and Gold medalist Scott Brash aboard his relatively new mare, Ursula, but none managed to join the rather small group of qualifiers.

Roger-Yves Bost and Castle Forbes Myrtille Palouis looked as though they may become the 5th but instead the competitive combination retired half way through the course.

Despite the long list of accomplished riders to follow Sergio, only one other combination managed to qualify through to the jump off; Marcus Ehning and Noltes Kuchengirl. A worthy combination with plenty of speed on standby.

Only six horse-and-rider combinations would stick around for the jump off. The rest of the 35 riders could take their boots off and enjoy the show, and it show it most certainly was.

Jeroen Dubbeldam and BMC Quality Time were first in the ring but alas, it was not to be with 8 faults, including the first fence, and a time of 38.44 seconds. Swizterland’s very own Olympic combination, Paul Estermann and Castefield Eclipse, were next in and the Swiss crowd grew quiet with hope. Would it be a Swiss victory?

Unfortunately, the bay mare would rub one fence, accumulating 4 faults but clocking in a very fast time of 35.92 seconds to give the remaining field a taste of what was possible.

Marcus and Kuchengirl clear the first fence

Marcus and Kuchengirl clear the first fence

It was Jane Richard Philips who would serve up the first clear round and the packed stadium couldn’t have been more overjoyed. Jumping a picture perfect round with her bay gelding Pablo, Jane consolidated a time of 40.48 seconds.

So, well behind Paul and with Sergio and Marcus left to go, it looked doubtful that a Swiss victory would be celebrated tonight.

Sergio and Carlo were next and guaranteed to be fast, the combination set the pace early on, but it was the frustrating blue oxer, set wide, that would dash any hopes of a Moya victory. The spaniard’s disappointment etched all over his face, as he knew coming to the last few fences that he would not hear the Spanish anthem tonight.

Last to go was Marcus and Kuchengirl; a combination who have been together now for over 6 years. A tried and tested combination known for their pace, the pair put that reputation to good use tonight with a solid round, jumping clean with a time of 37.35 seconds.

Congratulations to Marcus Ehning for winning tonight’s Rolex Grand Prix in Zurich, Switzerland.

Rolex Grand Prix (Zurich, Switzerland)

FEI – Art. 238.2.2 (1.55)

1. 42 Noltes Küchengirl Ehning, Marcus GER
B 16-j.S v.Lord Z/M.v.Cambridge Cole/BAY/GER24879/B: Echo Büromöbel Vertriebs Gmb
2. 100 Pablo de Virton Richard Philips, Jane SUI
B 10-j.W v.Andiamo/M.v.Kashmir van’t Schuttersho/SF/102NF56/B: All.To Guldenboom
3. 75 Castlefield Eclipse Estermann, Paul SUI
B 11-j.S v.Obos Quality/M.v.Not Recorded/ISH/IRL40616/B: Fasana Jocelyne
4. 11 Carlo Alvarez Moya, Sergio ESP
SCH 12-j.W v.Contender/M.v.Cascavelle/HOLST/GER42975/B: Marta Ortega
5. 28 Oz de Breve Renwick, Laura GBR
F 11-j.H v.Dollar du Murier/M.v.Grand Veneur/SF/102MB54/B: Mr David Perry
6. 55 Quality Time TN Dubbeldam, Jeroen NED
SCH 11-j.H v.Quantum/M.v.Cantus/HOLST/NED40905/B: H.J.Nijhof
7. 47 Vincente Kürten, Jessica IRL
B 11-j.W v.Oklund/M.v.Ufarno/KWPN/NED41587/B: Stal Poels and James Paterson-Robin
8. 37 Chaman Beerbaum, Ludger GER
B 14-j.H v.Baloubet du Rouet/M.v.I Love You/KWPN/MEX01925/B: Winter-Schulze, Made
9. 108 Coolgirl Schwizer, Pius SUI
SCH 9-j.S v.Bill vd Heffinck/M.v.Polydor/WESTF/103EV86/B: Balmelli Armando
10. 53 Cocoshynsky Gaudiano, Emanuele ITA
B 10-j.S v.Cornet Obolensky/M.v.Popcorn/WESTF/102YQ85/B: Equita Kft
11. 5 d’Atlantique Royale Mathy, Francois Jr BEL
B 10-j.W v.Darco/M.v.Kannan/BWP/BEL42817/B: Team Harmony & François Mathy
12. 117 Carusso LS la Silla Bengtsson, Rolf-Göran SWE
B 11-j.H v.Montebello la Silla/M.v.Joost/SLS/MEX40260/B: Club Hipico la Silla/Rol

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