Wave goodbye to the Super League….

Drafts have been issued by FEI recently over the renewal and revision of the Top League and Promotional League format. Once confirmed, this new format will be effective for the 2013 season.

My summary,

For each Region (example: Western Europe) there will be a specific qualification system established by the FEI.

  • 24 teams for the Semi-Finals.
  • There are two Semi-Finals held in two separate locations (countries).
  • Each Semi-Final will have 12 Nation Teams compete to qualify for the Finals.
  • The 6 best teams from each Semi-Final will move onto the Final (plus the home country team if they have not qualified).
  • The Final will have a total of 12 Nations competing (plus a additional team if the home country has not qualified).
  • The Nations Cup Final will be run over two rounds on different days.
  • The first round will serve only as a qualification for the second round. The first round will also establish the starting order in the second round on Sunday (reverse order of the results of the first round).
  • The second round is only open to the best six teams of the first round and those placed equal for sixth place.
  • In the second round all teams start on zero penalties.


The FEI Nations Cup Series will consist of a Regional Qualification System, two Semi-Finals and a Final.

In principal the Semi Finals and Final will be held in September or beginning of October depending on the location.

The qualification system in each Region should be completed at least 4 weeks before the start of the first Semi Final.

1. Regional Qualification System
For the Regional Qualification System the World will be divided in Regions as follows:
A. Western Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
B. Eastern and Central Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
C. Americas: Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Virgin Islands
D. Middle East: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan
E. Asia: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, People’s Republic of China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand
F. Africa: Botswana, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

For each Region there will be a specific qualification system established by the FEI. All nations of a Region must have equal possibilities to qualify for the Semi Finals.

Allocation of slots per Region for Semi Finals

(Note: Slots are spots for National Teams in the Semi Final. There are two Semi-Finals held.)

In each Semi Final 12 National Teams or Countries will be able to compete plus the home nation of the Semi Final if not qualified.

So, to confirm, that is 12 nations for each Semi-Final. 24 Nations in total to compete for qualification into the Finals.

For the 2013 season the number of slots allocated to each Region (example Western Europe) will be based upon a ranking of the countries established for each Region.

This ranking is equated by adding up the points of the 4 best riders of each Country of the Region in the Rolex Ranking.

Example; France. Kevin Staut (2220) + Penelope Leprevost (2017) + Roger Yves-Bost (1805) + Patrice Delaveau (1788).
Based upon Rolex ranking n° 138 the number of slots for teams allocated to each Region is the following:

A. Western Europe: 10

B. Eastern and Central Europe: 3

C. Americas: 4

D. Middle East: 3

E. Asia: 3 (of which at least one for Australasia)

F. Africa: 1

Total: 24

2. Semi-Finals

In each Semi Final 12 National Teams or Countries will be able to compete plus the home nation if not qualified.

The teams of each Region that qualify for the Semi Finals will be spread equally over the two Semi Finals.

The Semi Finals will be allocated after a bidding process. The minimum prize money in each Nations Cup competition in each Semi Final will be minimum 400.000 €.

3. Final

The six best teams of each Semi Final, plus the home team if not qualified, qualify for the Final.

So to confirm, there will be 6 Nations, an additional (the home team of the Final has not qualified), that will move onto the Final. That means a total a total of 12 Nations will compete in the Final (possibly 13).

The Nations Cup Final will be run over two rounds on different days.

The first round will serve only as a qualification for the second round. The first round will also establish the starting order in the second round on Sunday (reverse order of the results of the first round).

The second round is only open to the best six teams of the first round and those placed equal for sixth place.

In the second round all teams start on zero penalties. Only teams taking part in the second round receive prize money.

Annex 2 – Western European Region Qualification System
Confirmation of Teams

Each team will be given minimum four opportunities to qualify for the Semi Final.

Before the 1st December of the preceding year the Countries of the Western European Region must confirm if they wish to qualify for the Semi Finals and Final. Consequently, they must compete with a team in the Qualifiers organized in their Region and if qualified in the Semi-Final and Final.
Confirmation of Qualifying Competitions: All CSIO3*,4* and 5* Nations Cup competitions in Western Europe count as qualifiers for the Nations Cup Semi Finals.

This week in Spain….

Well so far, the Belgian’s have been putting on quite a show down South. Gijon is one of the top 5* shows to be held in sunny Spain. Located in the center of the Asturian Coast, Gijon is a great show with lots of sun and plenty of exclusive parties hosted by this year’s sponsors.

The first test of the 50th. Edition of Gijón International Horse Show, sponsored by Coca-Cola, ended with the victory for British rider Laura Renwick with her mare Beluga.

The Funeral Gijonesa’s Test 2 was won by Belgium’s Maurice van Roosbroek riding his new mare Calumet. This is one of my favorite mare’s and this proves to be her first 1.60 win. Not bad for a mare who has only been jumping at the international level for mere months. She is really an extraordinary horse and we should all keep an eye on her as I’m sure she is only destined to get better and better.

The Oquendo Test 3 proved to be another Belgian victory except this time for Rik Hemeryck and Cantho Z. The Belgian boys really are on fire. Let hope they can keep it going for the Nations Cup tomorrow.

Yesterday proved to be another great day for Britain’s Laura Renwick, her need for speed is notorious, and sure enough she was the fastest of the 67 riders entered in Lacera’s Test 4.

Olympic gold medalist Nick Skelton (GBR) won the Giroa Test 5 with his famous young stallion Big Star. “This is the first competition after the London 2012 Olympic Games and everything went very well” said Nick yesterday.

Notable to mention, last month’s FEI Rolex One-to-watch Brianne Goutal has been performing very well in Gijon, set to be her last show before her debut in Spruce Meadow’s BMO Nations Cup for Team USA. Placing third in Wednesday’s Test 2 just behind Ireland’s Denis Lynch. She proved to be inching closer to that top spot yesterday in Giroa’s Test 5 as she achieved second place, nestled between two of history’s best; Nick Skelton and John Whitaker. This girl really is one-to-watch!!

Top riders are in attendance for this year’s CHIO Gijon competition held at the Racecourse Las Mestas. A full roster of 13 teams will flood the stadium for the FEI Promotional League Nations Cup, set to be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 pm (CET)

Order for tomorrow…

1. Spain / ESP
2. Canada / CAN
3. Belgium / BEL
4. Germany / GER
5. UK / GBR
6. Italy / ITA
7. Denmark / DEN
8. France / FRA
9. Portugal / BY
10. United States of America / USA
11. Ukraine / UKR
12. Ireland / IRL
13. Netherlands / NED

Riders list for the Masters….

Teams for the BMO Nations Cup…

(subject to change)


  1. Eric Lamaze on Coriana van Klapsheut
  2. Ian Miller on Star power
  3. Mac Cone on Unanimous
  4. Tiffany Foster on Victor


  1. Leslie Howard with Lennox Lewis 2
  2. Brianne Goutal on Nice de Prissey
  3. Ashley Bond and Caddet 7
  4. Reed Kessler on Cylana


  1. Ludo Philipaerts on Denver
  2. Olivier Philiparts with Cabrio van de Heffinck
  3. Francois Mathy Jr. on d’Atlantique Royal
  4. Niels Bruynseels on Chili Pepper van de Helle


  1. Roger Yves-Bost with Nippon d’elle
  2. Olivier Robert on Olala de Buissy
  3. Simon Delestre riding Napoli du Ry
  4. Jerome Hurel with Ohm de Ponthual


  1. Christian Ahlmann with Taloubet
  2. Hans-Dieter Dreher with Magnus Romeo
  3. Daniel Deusser with Cornet d’Amour
  4. Phillip Weishaupt  with Catoki

Great Britain

  1. Scott Brash with Hello Sanctos
  2. Robert Whitaker with Catwalk IV
  3. Tina Fletcher and Hello Sailor
  4. Michael Whitaker and Viking V


  1. Shane Breen and Cos I Can
  2. Jennifer Crooks with SF Uryadi
  3. Andrew Bourns with Roundthorn Madios
  4. Shane Sweetnam with Diktator Van de Boslandhoeve


  1. Jur Vrieling and VDL bubalu
  2. Jeroen Dubbledam and BMC Utascha SFN
  3. Harrie Smolders and Exquis Walnut de Muze
  4. Leon Thijssen and Tyson


  1. Roland Grimm and Sethi de Laubert
  2. Christina Liebherr with L.B Callas Sitte Z
  3. Alexandra Fricker and Albfuehren’s Paille
  4. Werner Muff with Champ 174

Rider of the Week…

“the Irish gentleman”

I met Clem for the first time in Hickstead, when the Irish won the Nations Cup title. Clem is all that you imagine when you think of that classical Irish gentleman. He’s charming, friendly, funny and incredibly hard working. In fact, when I spoke with his friends and colleagues, they all agreed that the one word to describe Clem McMahon is “hardworking.”

I thought we better add handsome to the list also because he certainly is popular with the ladies. But before you get too excited ladies, best to know that this man is a one-woman one. That one woman is Stacey McMahon, the star and drive behind Tailored Equestrian. Clem and Stacey have been together for almost 10 years now and have a beautiful son, Louise. They really are a beautiful family!

In addition to being a dedicated family man, Clem is one of Ireland’s leading riders and certainly coming up the ranks to rival the likes of Dennis Lynch, Billy Twomey and Cian O’Connor. And the horse to help him do that is Pacino. The combination have certainly created quite a buzz on the circuit this year with some incredible performances in Rotterdam, Hickstead and Dublin. This combination is certainly one to watch for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

See full article here

Tribute to Daniel…

The 2012 Swedish National Champion

A big congratulations to Daniel for winning the National Championships in Hendriksdal. The son of famous Swedish rider, Royne Zetterman and brother of 21 year-old Alexander Zetterman, Daniel proved that perhaps it is in the genes after all.

The 27 year old Swedish superstar won the highly acclaimed championship on a horse bred by the Zetterman family, who run Springfield Farms.

Daniel didn’t have to venture far to sweep up the 2012 National title, as he is based at home with the rest of the family in Linderod, Sweden.

This title is sure to make the handsome Swede, that much more popular with the ladies, although somehow I don’t think that’s possible.

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“We have had so many good rounds this year and had a lot of 4 faults in GPs, which was a bit unfair because we’ve been so close. It was really nice to win a big title and do it at the Swedish Championships, on my home ground felt really good. Riding our home bred Glory Days at the highest level and moment like this makes everything so magical and it’s a great feeling.”

Daniel Zetterman 

For more information about Daniel, check out his website



Congrats to Rich….


The $100,000 Canaccord Genuity World Cup has come to a close at Thunderbird Show Park in Canada. Congratulations to Rich Fellers for a couple of exciting jump off rounds that secured him both first and second place in yesterday’s class.

No doubt the American Olympic Team member will be getting prepped and primed for an epic week in Spruce for the Masters. Securing two spots in the victory gallop will no doubt give Rich that extra bit of confidence going into the CN International Grand Prix.

Local superstar Brian Morton has been steadily moving up the ranks with wins along the west coast. A top rider from my neck of the woods, this young Canadian jockey will defiantly be a one to watch for the future. Take note!!

1. Rich Fellers on Flexible
2. Rich Fellers on Colgan Cruise
3. Nayel Nassar on Raging Bull Vangelis
4. Shelley Fellers on Revenge
5. Brian Morton on Spitfire

Very much looking forward to seeing Rich and Flexible in Calgary.

Check out more about Thunderbird Show Park